Friday, April 23, 2010

Italian Woman's abduction experience

I am seriously disturbed by and not sure what to make of this footage - She has the medical scans to prove she has implants in her brain and body.
The hybrid baby was aborted - warning disturbing footage:

Italian lady who claims to have been abducted several times throughout her life and has a ton of physical evidence to prove it, including a real live alien fetus removed from her womb by doctors. Furthermore, she has taken both video and photographs of the ships and occupants in stunning clarity to further back up her story. This is an unbelievable case that warrants further investigation. Rate this posting:


Push Back said...

No need to take humans. Come out in the open and state your case. If the situation is as this lady says it is , Many humans will come forward to help out in any way. If the aliens do not come out in the open , I say do what ever it takes to bring them out in the open. What ever it takes..

Anonymous said...

i'm italian
i know the case from tv and internet but for me this is a very very strange story..could be fake

Anonymous said...

Are you joking Push Back??

"Come out in the open"


'We' fire missiles/nuclear warheads etc etc We are a very violent and uncivilized race.

Push Back said...

My message to the aliens. Come out in the open for every one on this planet to see and know. No tricks , no games. If you will not come out in the open , then I say , do what ever it takes to bring you out in the open. When I say what ever it takes I mean , What Ever It Takes. Any one that else that needs to be brought out in the open , no mater who or what I say bring them out in the open. By any means.

Push Back said...

Yes and they take people and do experiments on them , so who is more violent? . So are you joking? So with your reasoning , they can take your mate or sister and do what with them ? and thats Ok with you. So are you joking? . We are all playing by the same rules of this universe , so if you wana play you jota pay. They come here and Take , so guess what , we Push Back.

Antonio said...

@ Push Back,

Instead of posting the entire response to your comment about forcing alies to show themselves, please read my response to another person's comment on another website.

It's located at:

and my comment is the 10th or 11th one tht begins with the paragraph:

"Your statement that civilizations kill themselves because of their technological prowess and aptitude can also be simply transference, can it not?"

Please read it and add your feedback...

Anonymous said...

I have met people whom have these type of encounters and some believe that on a deeper conscious level they have agreed to participate in creating offspring.

Not everyone fears the encounters with the Greys, or if they do it may slowly change over time with their understanding.

To put it in perspective humans do far worse to each other.

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