Friday, April 23, 2010

UFO Spotting from Barlaston Downs UK

A strange series of lights were spotted during the no flight zone April 20 2010 (due to volcanic dust) over Barlaston Downs UK. If you live in the area please comment if you also witnessed this.
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Anonymous said...

WTF is the matter with some people.there is more eveidence of proof,than there is NO PROOF!the people that are skeptics,haven't seen anything yet.,so how can they even give their opinion?this has been happening for thousands of years,and just the last year or so it is coming to a head.i would hate to be so ignorant!i am sorry,but,it is time for ALL of us to wake up!

Push Back said...

No more games , I say shoot them down.

Anonymous said...

cars with headlights on coming over brow of hill in the distance

roxx said...

I saw yesterday (15MAY2010) the same things just abowe myself around 12.30 am at bromley in london... i was with my friend on the way back home. But my sister and my girlfriend seen them a bit earlyer at sydenham around 9pm For shure!!! They were`t carlights or any other lights.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone recorded lights like this in AUSTRALIA on 22april2010! Fuuuucccc...kk Yeeeeaaaaaa!

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