Friday, April 23, 2010

Ufo North London - April 22 2010

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone who saw Ufos in the North London area recently - like this new report: (please reply)

poster comments:
Walked out of house, heard a weird drone in sky looked up, saw 3 orbs making a triangle. I stopped in my tracks, paused, then ran back to house, 2 doors to unlock and open, get in... wheres my bloomin camera... get outside.. and manage to capture SOME video and a pan down to a building for some scale.
I then checked the household security camera and it GOT 3 PHOTOS :)
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Anonymous said...

4th september about 11.50 , south london, worcester park area: 4 very bright objects just flew over London, very fast and making no noise. They were very bright lights, kind of orange colour and one by one they just disapeared.Anyone else see this

Anonymous said...

18th December 2010, walking my dog in Bartlett Park Poplar East London. Looked up there were 3 bright lights in a row, with an equi-distance between them. They were also kind of orange. They travelled one behind the other making no noise, the a fourth joined, caught up and travelled at exactly the same distance behind the third. The lights flew across in a straight line disappearing into the distance. About a minute later, a fifth light flew along the same trajectory and disappeared in the same direction.

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