Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Australia - UFO caught on tape over Corio Bay , April 22 2010

New report in from Corio Bay Australia - if you live in this area and also saw this sighting please reply to this post.

 A HIGHTON man has filmed mystery balls of light zig-zagging across Corio Bay as other residents across the city reported similar sightings, prompting speculation of UFOs.
Anthony Raduka filmed the lights from the deck of his Highton home about midnight on Monday.

The footage shows balls of light flying over Corio Bay at great speed, dipping as low as street level before zig-zagging back up through the sky.

The balls change colour and shape during the 20 minutes of footage.

Mr Raduka said the light was too fast to be an aircraft and it travelled in all directions.

``We have watched fighter jets from our deck when the Airshow is on and these lights were going 10 times quicker,'' he said.

``It could be a UFO, I don't know what they are. All of the things we thought of didn't explain the fact it changed colour or that it was going so fast.'' Mr Raduka said he had never seen anything like it.

``We just stood there for about half an hour, trying to work out what it could be,'' he said.

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How to get a six pack for women fast said...

Last week in 45 minutes sth east of Melbourne i saw the most bizzare air craft (maybe military) i didnt get the footage but but it was took quick and i didnt have my phone or ipod, i think activity is going up around Melbourne in General.

Push Back said...

40 million candle power lights are for sale on the internet , not much money. High power lasers for sale on the internet , not much money. Shine the high power lights and lasers on the UFO's . Hold the lights and laser on the UFO's all the time. Yes it is Ok to shine more then one of the lights and lasers on the UFO's. Get the UFO/ Alien Craft and Aliens out in the open in full close up view.

Push Back said...

I say shoot them down , shoot the Alien Craft and Aliens down , make them come out in the open. What ever it takes , make them come out in the open.

Anonymous said...

2 days ago from date of this artical looking n.e. Near brisbane australia i saw a brigt orange light with no sound moving from the west to the east at amazing speed i tried to race in to grab my fone camera by time i got back (which was not long about 20 sec)it was gone

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