Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ufos 4th may in Tucson Arizona and texas San Antonio

I got a few emails and now this video appeared about some object up in the sky over Tucson Arizona on tuesday night - the question is were they just lanterns?. Please reply if you also saw these lights.. not sure what it could be?

ohh and in nearby Texas

Posters comments:
Latest UFO Sighting over San Antonio,Texas.On May-04-2010 a glowing huge red Object filmed traveling over SouthSide Lion's Park.A clear day with no cloud's in sight.As i was looking west I notice a large glowing red object that seemed to be traveling North high in altitued.This object was Huge and did not seem to be an aircraft.So i grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation,
and began filming this unknown object.When zooming in this unknown object appear to be glowing.This object was clearly no aircraft or weather-balloon.As you can see on the video this object seems to be emiting some kind of RED glowing energy Clearly an UNIDENTIFED FLYING OBJECT.This was an awesome sighting due to how this object was emitting a red glowing and the size of this object.It seemed to be the size of an aircraft ..This glowing object was clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite.
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Anonymous said...

yup, i live in north san antonio and something very unusual when i got out of work at around 8pm yesterday, 5/4/10.

Now, I live very close to the airport and see plains of all types in all kinds of position high up in the air.

this object actually look triangular in shape and was very shiny, almost glowing! I was not sure of this was some kind of chrome shell that was reflecting the sun that was going down OR if this thing was glowing.

This may not have been the object in this video. But it did strike me as very odd when i saw mine last night.

Push Back said...

All humans that have never seen airoplanes and heilocopters at night , please send in your videos. The stupid ass music on the other one , so I don't care if it is a real one.

Anonymous said...

Crap video. The YouTube "loading" orbs are more interesting. I remember this guy from UFO Casebook, he's the one who always goes "So I grabbed my camcorder and started filming".

Sheila/alienS said...

Hi I'm the owner of the Tucson holographic pyramid video (Sheilaaliens on youtube). Those are not lanterns. They are outside 'most every night, posing as stars I suppose. I dont know of any stars that get together to form giant 3d objects and then go on to perform synchronized movements as a whole. And then go back to being just "stars"? Right :P Lanterns can do that, but not stars. jk ;P I bet nobody else saw it, because ppl are what? Stupid. And blind. =P But hey thanks for posting my vid, me love you long time! You have any questions please feel free to ask... that goes for everyone. [email protected] or

Peace out! ^-^

Push Back said...

Crap crap and more crap, many claim to be in with the ufo's but when comes to backing it up there is always a reason can't do it. Lies lies and more lies, evil evil and more evil , ass holes go around smelling each others ass holes

Ernie said...

Interesting video and have to say, the music is great. What the heck piece is that anyway? I could never be so lucky to get a video shot like this. Red...hmmmm...

hayduke said...

Oh geez... I used to live outside Tucson and there is all kinds of air traffic out there. It's most likely A-10 Warthogs practicing night formations or Border Partol 'copters.

Holographic? WTF does that even mean? Where would it be projected from?

Anonymous said...

The music really blows and distracts from watching anything on the video

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