Sunday, May 02, 2010

Larry King Live: Are Aliens a threat?

Could space aliens be out to get us? Stephen Hawking thinks so and he tells Larry and you why! And, what he thinks an alien would look like!
If extraterrestrials could be a danger to us, as Hawking suggests, should we stop trying to contact them? Dan Aykroyd and others (Michio Kaku) debate

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pt 3
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Anonymous said...

the guy of seti is kind of dumb and seti has been hiding the truth about ETS they have proof that they exist but someone wants them to remain silent.

Anonymous said...

I agree,I think they know more..
about ETS.!

markymint said...

Very cool - lots of interesting and up to date conversation, and much more along the lines of what a ufologist like me wants to hear. The most interesting point was definitely Ghostbusters 3.

Surprised there was no Nick Pope but the panel was high-profile & after enjoying the docs new show on Quest today, was great viewing. Maybe Mr Akroyd will put Nick Pope in G3 along with Larry King :D

As for the alien debate - it doesn't matter, the discussion is what's important and this was a very good one!

Anonymous said...

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