Sunday, May 09, 2010

UFOs Spotted near Barlaston Downs, UK 2010

2 bright lights spotted Tuesday, 20th April 2010 at 8:30 pm over Barlaston Downs UK; during the no flight zone, due to volcanic dust. If you live near this area and also spotted these lights please let us know.
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Anonymous said...

this sighting looks like this one:

oh wait a minute, it is this one!!!

VirtuallyLucid said...

If you watch carefully, you will see small flashes at ground level at the horizon. They frequently occur somewhat in time with the disappearance and appearance of the lights. It has already been discussed elsewhere that during the no-fly zone, many people reported military jets flying about as well as documentation that said there were massive military air exercises being run during that time.

This seems to hold that up as it looks to me like military flares being fired during an exercise. These lightweight flares don't move much and stay lit for set periods of time. There is no other movement in the lights in this video.

If they are flares, it would be evidence that could help back up the story that the military were running exercises during the no-fly period and had overstated the dangers to keep airspace clear covertly.

Dave said...

I think it would be very obvious if military plane were flying about. They make a loud noise and are visible. I wonder if anyone who lived in the horizon in the picture had a closer view?

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