Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ufos filmed over EN GUADALAJAR Mexico

Can anyone provide a translation of this video as a reply ?
Ovnis over EN GUADALAJAR :

Ovni in EN GUADALAJAR Mexico :
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teresaboato1 said...

I think that this is showing the tail end(propulsion) of a triangular craft. You will notice another light forward forming the triangle shape. The videographer does not seem to be aware of it. It is rotating on its tail clockwise. Great video

Anonymous said...

The guy said they heard raised voices outside, and when they went out to see what was up, they saw a bunch of people looking up to the sky.
One person had a video camera.
Afterward, they asked the guy if they could get a copy of it.
He says that he's always been interested in ufos but had never seen one, and to finally see this was very emotional.
He also says this was something very strange indeed and if someone has an explanation he'd like to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Edwardo said "Hey man, I was drinking some tequila and dees light came out of nowhere. I tawt eet was emmigration but I remeemberd I had my green card!"

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think about Pythagorean Theorem (a squared + b squared = c squared) whenever I see footage of these "triangle" observations. Triangulation allows the observer to map a geographic place, & it allows one to determine the measurements of that place. It provides measurement of distance, from a point of origin, height (or elevation) of whatever is being measured, and length of what's being measured. I wonder if this is part of the reason that these objects are triangles?

The two lights, in this footage, connecting with one another, at the bottom of the triangle is fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Yes,it's a triangular craft we see here.WOW..!!
We all should take our camera with us and start looking up to the sky!

Anonymous said...

I agree with teresaboato1, in that they look like triangles or pyramids.

Side note: Did anyone notice in the Hawkins Discovery Channel alien show, one of the animations show triangular spacecraft? I can't remember in what context, but interesting nonetheless.

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