Monday, May 10, 2010

X-Conference 2010 Russian speaker Paul Stonehill

A few snippets from X-Conference 2010 which just finished the other day.
Paul Stonehill talks about the Ufo coverup which he says both the US and Russian government collaborated on to keep secret:
pt 1

pt 2

Part 3
Part 4
Linda Moulton Howe from talks about some amazing new military witnesses to Ufos
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Push Back said...

Shoot them down. Shoot the alien craft and the aliens down. Make them come out in the open. Push them and make them push back.

Dickos Fortuna said...

Dear Push Back,
That is the most retarded idea I have ever heard.
Lots of Love
Primitive but Sane Human

Majestic12 said...

For anyone planning on shooting aliens as the poster above recommends, i should warn you that conventional bullets are useless against them. Fortunately i have invented a special weapon i call a 'Ray Gun' which can penetrate the aliens super powerful invisible space armour. email me at [email protected] to get your special alien Ray Gun. Special Ray Gun 'Bazookas' can also be acquired for shooting down the alien craft.

Anonymous said...

Push Back, Dickos Fortuna, Majestic12: Who is the biggest moron of you 3?
Hard to tell, isn´t it? :)
You 3 stooges in UFOland

Anonymous said...


Majestic12 said...

There is nothing sadder than someone who insults people on the internet. Push Back is just concerned that we try and gain a strategical advantage by striking first before the inevitable invasion. Dickos is all about loving retards and i'm simply trying to make a living selling Ray Guns to feed my family during a recession.

i also sell special anti-alien spell books if anyone is interested.

Julia said...

Please excuse me for being so frank but what is going on???? I can't seem to find any recent updates for what has happened since the x conference ended. I does not even seem like anyone is talking about it within blogs. I'm going nuts, does anyone out there know what's going on with this????

Sonam said...

Hi Julia, I'm also looking for updates and vids of the conference. Nothing yet....

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