Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crop Circle 16th June 2010 at Chirton Bottom, Wiltshire, UK

New crop circle at Chirton Bottom, Wiltshire, UK.

Further Meanings of this new crop circle
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Andrei said...

FAKE ! You can see the spots in the grass where the people have made movements and rake dup the grass, just look in the flattened bits!!!! Also i noticed a very big green field next to this, why wasnt the green field touched? Also the guys video has copyright all over it, he just trying to make money of this shit. Matt you should stop posting this crap mate, its a spit in the face to real ufo researchers!

Anonymous said...

Nice 1 alienz!!! Pleeease though 1 in Oxfordshire before end of June?? Pleeeease? :)

Anonymous said...

No, this is a REAL one!
VERY nice!!!

Andrei said...

Prove its real guys, this is so ridiculous, it makes me suck at how stupid some people are.

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