Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What BP Isn't telling people about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Just reading over this stunning article on Colin Andrews about what isn't being told to people about the BP Oil Spill ... its very concerning i must stay.
James Fox: They are spraying this poison at night over the heads of the residence.
Lindsey Williams: Oil Companies Chaplin says this is catastrophic and here are the facts.
60 Minutes: Oil worker who got off tells the incredible story.
Bloomburg: Bomb Designer on way to Gulf.

I usually steer clear from Alex Jones but his recent interview with former Oil CEO Linsey Williams needs to be heard by everyone:
Former Oil CEO informs Lindsey Williams the dreadful extent of the Gulf Oil Killer. Lindsey
interviewed on Alex Jones. BP hit mega pressure vein of oil and gas at 35,000 feet (30,000 below sea
bed) and its what is coming out with the oil that is of great concern. CEO says its not a conspiracy its a
huge accident, they hit enormous pressure which destroyed all equipment in its path. They have no
current answer to what is alleged to be 20 to 70,000 psi at pressure head and unless stopped will have
worldwide implications:


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Anonymous said...

without going into why alex jones is a duece bag i'll say this, how crap is he at interviewing i felt like telling him to shut up and let the man speak. Thats pretty full on if its true and that guy sounds like he's credeble. hey matt my i surgest makeing the home page longer so we can see more posts on a single page.

Anonymous said...

Utter poop..Plugged his book straight off followed by "this guy told me.. stopped there.

Anonymous said...

There's no scientific evidence for so-called abiotic oil. And offshore drilling components are routinely engineered to withstand pressures of up to 70,000psi. In this case, they failed, and a plan that should have been in place to deal with that wasn't.

Terrible though this disaster is, this is alarmist twaddle based on hearsay and bad science.

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