Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RealUfos in Wiltshire today

Hi All,

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit Wiltshire today in the UK and i have a whole report including videos and photos coming up!. Over the years i have written about this mystical place and it was great to have the opportunity to actually see it first hand. Wiltshire has an amazing long history which goes back over 10,000 years and is known as the spiritual heartland of the UK. I would highly recommend anyone who comes to the Uk to stay here for one day or do a day trip from london to Salisbury.

I was enjoyed the special access tour of Stonehenge which allowed me to walk within the massive stones to see them closeup! I must say they were impressive indeed, especially when you consider that some stones were over 45 tonnes and construction was over 3500 years ago! It still remains a mystery today what the actual purpose of stonehenge was and how elements of construction were actually completed. Even with modern construction methods it would still be feat of engineering to arrange such large stones today. I have no idea how the large hanging rocks were put over the columns!

Also the astrological, geometric and solar alignments of the stones meant Stonehenge can be used as a calendar - so the builders were pretty advanced i must say.

I also was able to visit the crop circle in nearby Old Sarum, which was one of the first to appear this season. After interviewing our guide and a few farmers there is alot of suspicion here about who really are the circle makers.

 I was told that since the advent of GPS the has been a corresponding trend of an increase in intricate crop circles which are planned and then plotted on GPS devices allowing groups of people to effectively 'stomp' out a crop circle with precision. However, some people do agree that some simplier circles may be genuine.

I will likely make another visit further on this year to give an in-depth report of crop circles from the fields.

I must say though that for a summers day Wiltshire is quite a windy cold place - take warm clothes if you ever go there!

Over and Out,
Stonehenge special access tour:
Heading to the Hill at Old Sarum
Video blog  - looking down at  Old Sarum Crop Circle
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Anonymous said...

If I remember rightly civilian Gps is limited to 10metres and only the militarys can be as accurate as 1m, but maybe its improved.

nucha2012 said...

Thanks for the information, Matt.
I'm also travelling to Wiltshire next July and your lines were quite useful.
Windy and cold place up there?
PS - I didn't understood very well what you meant when referrig to the GPS devices.Are you saying that the more complicated crop circles can be humain made or am I understanding it all wrong?

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