Friday, June 18, 2010

Jamie gives us a run down of the 2010 crop circles

Jaime maussan gives us a run down of the 2010 crop circle season so far.
After visiting wiltshire myself a few days ago and spending time at stonehenge and the Old Sarum Circle i have my own report coming up myself.

My video from wiltshire is coming up. by the way.. here's a few pictures of my recording over Old Sarum circle!

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Anonymous said...

matt i take it that is you in the pics, nice shades!lol! well in the pic were you are pointing at the feild what is that in the sky above your head to the north/west position. ???.

David Smith said...

Dear Kenneth Parsons, I contacted you about twenty years ago when I was in Bristol with a photograph containing some specks of light which you called ghost forms. Since then I have seen an orange orb after practising some Tai Chi on a hill in Bristol. Now I live in Barnstaple in Devon.
I have been to old Sarum with my uncle Dick and dad when I was a child. A place of beauty. Here is my website
Hope you are keeping well and making more discoveries.
Best wishes
David Smith

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