Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ufo spotted over Argentina 2006

Argentina , Delta 17,10,2006 Glaucoart

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UFO was seen over 500 KMT , FROM VARIOUS PROVINCES OF ARGENTINA. REGISTRATION were obtained from DELTA ISLANDS IN THE FIRST SECTION, AND WHILE HE NOTICES THE REAL UFO impressive demonstration, "ORBITAL STATION COME TOGETHER AND OTHER FIXTURE FOR LITTLE MORE (THAT WAS THE SPACE TAXI) FROM SOUTH" A NOR / EAST (ie for my back), and ASI reported in the List also, O SEA, ESA night of 2006 was observed at the same time on the Argentinean, "two intense MANIFESTATIONS OF LIGHT PARALLEL lenticular REPORTING NEVER made official, EXCEPT IN THE LISTS OF INTERNET Diffusion. Rate this posting:

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