Thursday, July 08, 2010

Visit the MUFON 2010 UFO Symposium July 22nd-25th

A quick annoucement and reminder for everyone to attend the must visit UFO event of the year,  the MUFON symposium in Denver, CO on July 22nd - 25th . Further details here

The key speakers:
Stanton Friedman on Stephen Hawking, SETI and Science.

Richard Dolan A.D. (After Disclosure): Outlining the contours of our society AFTER the great change.

Donald Schmitt Roswell on trial. Witnesses speak out.

Kathleen Marden The conundrum of alien abduction.

Kevin Randle  Jen Stringfield and crash retrieval history.

Nick Redfern Mysterious Landscape: A personal investigation of the crop circle phenomenon.

Michael Schratt Bombshell UFO case files revealed.

Marc D' Antonio Drawn In Stone: Cosmic hints of the petroglyphs.

George Filer Person UFO encounters while in the Air Force.

John Greenewald UFOs - "101"

Linda Moulton Howe with John Burroughs Update on December, 1980 RAF Bentwaters: "Telepathic Lights"
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