Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The UFO Congress from 2010

Details from the International Ufo congress from 2010. 
This conference had some excellent speakers including Paola Harris,  Richard Dolan,  Jaime Maussan and Travis Walton. I recommend you take a look at the  full DVD here of the 2010 conference from their website

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call bs agents like Paola Harris and Jaime Maussan excellent speakers at an event like this just because they believe in ETs. Dolan is ok at least.

Anonymous said...

Very nice - but just regular contrails and cirrus there. A world without contrails would be pleasant (if inconvenient, by modern standards), but nothing sinister is depicted at all.

Anonymous said...

als je nu nog geen chemtrails herkent in de lucht,herken je ze morgen waarschijnlijk ook niet!elke morgen rond een uur of 5,en in de late namiddag meestal nog een lading!!niet geloven hé,weet het ;)

Anonymous said...

no chemtrails there, but there was an ufo sighting near nuclear power plant in slovenia, it was 2-3-4 month ago. i think there is even some footage

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