Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ufo crash in Fresno California 22nd August 2010 update

Ok you may have remembered i had a post up about an apparent Ufo crash in Fresno over the weekend.Well I was asked to take it down  .... so here is the summary plus the update so far:

A mufon investigator Jeffrey Gonzalez responded to crys of apparent witnesses saying “It’s trying to take off, it’s trying to lift!”over the weekend in Fresno california and went to inspect the area. He apparently saw lights from an arc welder in the hills and some type of repair happening in the field to some sort of craft with Military trucks nearby.  At the end of the day Mr Gonzalez then saw a stingray shaped vessel in front of an abandoned shack on the mountain with by two massive burn marks nearby on the hill.

So what does this all mean.?..
Well it brings to question many possibilities. Firstly what are these strange triangle craft?.. are they some sort of military top secret project? ..would that go to explain the numerous triangle ufo sightings in Fresno recently? Secondly . why did they repair the craft on the go in the field? .. why the arc welders?.. why not take the craft away in the trucks... or is that what happened?

 Many people in Fresno responded to my original  post saying they saw nothing out of the usual in the area.. There were no other media reports of the event as well. So we really need to hear more from Mr Gonzalez and the witnesses that called him.

A further update happened yesterday when this video surfaced which may be infact the craft in question. It was seen over Fresno, CA the day after the crash on the 22-Aug-2010, so i remain puzzled!

If you know more about the apparent Ufo crash over fresno or saw some smoke are anything unusual - let realufos know and please respond to this post. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool footage, but the burning issue is, where did your original posting on the Fresno crash of 21 August go??? It is not listed in the dates or entries or anyplace on this site any longer, and I know I read it on here on the 23rd. Why did it get removed???

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same question to post as Anonymous, above, here. It surprised me that you'd take a post down after being asked to (by whom and for what presumably valid reason)? No intended judgment, I truly am curious since you are very good about trying to post for the sake of sharing knowledge.

Also, I agree with you. Gonzalez needs to speak publicly about his claims, AND demonstrate the validity of his claims with some sort of verifiable proof that can be reproduced by others. The video taken of a craft in Fresno is fine, but it isn't proof of anything, including the crash.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "you were asked to take it down"?
Who asked you to do that and why?
Did you have to comply ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, WHO? Who asked you to remove it? Why did you do it?

Sounds like they're controlling you.

Anonymous said...

I bet nothing will ever come of this. Paranoia, alarmism, practical joke, misidentification, whatever. Here's Gonzalez' long account of the "incident", which provides very little in the way of substance:

nkuznacic said...

I just posted this on another site too...I saw something very similar to this triangular craft just recently in North Carolina with my friend, on 08/31/10 at about 08:30 EST. The only difference is that it was a perfect triangle with slightly rounded corners, with a white light in each corner, and then another red light which appeared to be closer to one of the corners than the rest (it could have just been our angle, but it was almost directly above us). Also, none of the lights were blinking. at all. the red one seemed like it may have been briefly and extremely fast, but otherwise was constant. It hovered slowly to our right until it was right in front of us, at which point I stopped my car completely and it hovered motionless in front of/above my car. As we watched for about 30-45seconds, it remained there not making any audible noise over the engine of my car. I then started to drive and took off (my friend was freaking out) and when we looked back it was completely gone.
I’m currently working on a rendering of it, based on photographs of the exact location.

Anonymous said...

in august I have see the long V shape plane flayin over the key west whith very highe spid.it took five second to go from one side to onother side to horizons.that mean the spide was 24 miles for 5 second.looke over the skay and you will see on night this inkredble high spid craft.

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