Thursday, September 02, 2010

Huge Solar plasma erupts from Sun 25th August 2010

Just keeping you all updated on activities relating to the sun as things start to progress over the coming years. On August 24th and 25th, an enormous magnetic filament slowly rose off the surface of the sun and erupted. Stationed over the sun's western hemisphere, NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft recorded it:

The horseshoe-shaped filament expanded and -popped- about 600,000 km above the stellar surface. Rather than flying off toward Earth we were fortunate this time as most of the hot glowing plasma from the filament simply fell back to the sun. However next this time Earth might not be so lucky... over the coming year as we reach the peak of the 2013 solar maximus many are concerned about detrimental effects more powerful flares and eruptions will have on earth. I will keep you all posted if further earth hazardous flares occur, due to Earths distance from the sun we have a 3 day warning period before the effects of the flares are felt. Rate this posting:

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