Thursday, September 02, 2010

Jaime Maussan & Santiago Yturria look at NASA

This is a clip of a presentation given by Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria at the International UFO Congress in 2010.
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Anonymous said...

Purely bogus.

Only inertial (linear, non-accelerating) motions are indicated.

This means non-intelligent trajectories, only pure Newtonian physics.

Just debris floating or cruising by.

The lightning flashes in the atmosphere were far more interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is definitely not "just debris."

To be so close to something like this that is "just debris" would be very, very dangerous, and would likely take out the ISS if there were a collision. They have their eyes on anything within a few miles of them.

Anon, go flush your disinformation down the toilet.

sema said...

I'd say bogus as well. Def debris. You can zoom in on any object and it will always look mysterious when it's distorted. Plus Jaime Maussan is a wackado.

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