Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crop Circles - Balls of Light again

A Closer look at the Balls of light that are often seen and filmed around various crop circles:

Further video:
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Anonymous said...

These Balls of lights, about the size of a Socker ball, that are seen over crop circles!?...Well! I get the impression,after having seen a number of videos, that these balls of lights are perhaps!?... "Projections" of some very powerful energy!?..But,projected from WHERE??...I say projected; because this would explain how they can wink in! & out! a switch has been, just sharing a thought.What do you think!?...a CGI!?.....maybe!

Anonymous said...

I think its rather amazing that the camera is able to track the 'light' so well....hmmm...

Anonymous said...

footage at 7 minutes is a proved fake
please don't post well known footage of fakes.

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