Monday, September 13, 2010

Ufos in Fair Play of oconee county of South Carolina ?

Some Ufo news for the hour...

Ive had 2 emails from people in Fair Play of oconee county of South Carolina today say they have seen shinny objects in the forest and lights in the sky.

Something may be up in the area as it was only last week that in nearby Simpsonville South Carolina a whole lot of Ufo sightings were also reported.

If you live in the area and also have seen this please respond to this post to tell us more.
Im expecting some photos to come in soon...

It may look like this object caught last week in Simpsonville on Sun 5th sept 2010:
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Anonymous said...

We were headed to SC from Atlanta on I85 near Fair Play, SC and noticed flashes of light moving across the sky. The lights became brighter and quicker in a pattern- round in a circle and then the lights moved inward toward the center. This repeated over and over again. As we drew closer, it almost appeared as it there was some type of huge spotlight on the ground but I have never seen anything of that magnitude.

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