Monday, September 27, 2010

Leslie Kean and todays press conference on ETs vs Nuclear weapons

Over the last month Ufo disclosure progress has made huge strides - From the catholic church, to the United nations appointing an Et officer and now US airforce officials coming forward at todays press conference in Washington, it's no co-incidence that these important events happened this month.

Today in washington numerous US airforce officials came forward admitting that Ufos have infact disabled and interfered with our most powerful defense - nuclear weapons (i have posted about this for years). Our governments have keep this secret as it a major national security threat - if our most powerful weapons can be de-activated in an instant by Et's then where does this leave us and why are they doing this? It makes us think what is human-kind doing wrong?

I will be writing a full follow-up on the outcomes of today's highly important conference and you will be likely hearing more about it in the news over the coming week.
Leslie Kean's book on military generals and Ufos seems well timed just pre-dating the conference and she deserves credit for her ten years of investigative reporting into the topic:

I just bought her book today and will do a quick review when i get time....

Here's a short editorial on today's conference... will be doing a full writeup when more information is avaialble.

Six former US military pilots and another member of the armed forces claim that between 1948 and 2003 aliens have landed in various bases in the US and Great Britain – including a visit to Suffolk, we are told. (Whether they had time to stop in Bury St Edmunds while they were there is not made clear, but if not, they missed out – it’s very lovely.)

In 1967, an object hovered above a nuclear base in Montana, and 10 Minuteman nuclear missiles shut down; 13 years later, beams of light were seen fired into the Suffolk airbase RAF Bentwaters, and a US airman says he heard over military radio that aliens had landed inside the nuclear storage area.

This is not the first time that military figures have had a close encounter, incidentally. Sir Peter Horsley, a former Deputy Commander in Chief of RAF Strike Command and Royal equerry, revealed in his autobiography that, in 1954, he had an encounter with an alien named “Mr Janus” in the dimly lit drawing room of a Chelsea flat. Mr Janus, apparently a Royalist, said he wanted to meet the Duke of Edinburgh. After the disclosure, in 1997, a senior RAF officer said – and you can just see his hand over his eyes here – “Oh God. How unfortunate that the public will learn that the man who had his finger on the button at Strike Command was seeing little green men”.

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Anonymous said...

It seems apparent to me,that there could never have been a Nuclear war, & will not in the future, because ET.wouldn't just "disarm Nuclear weapon's" and then allow a Nuclear war to take place,that wouldn't make sense,NO!...the message is clear;...STOP!...Don't go there! They are here too,in amongst us!..with us! its in thier interest and ours,not to let this happen."No Nuclear weapons!" Just keep the Peace!!

Anonymous said...

Could it be:..Defence by BLUFF??

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