Monday, September 27, 2010

Ufo video from Russia 22nd September 2010

Bright UFOs caught over the village of Spa in Russia

Ufos over Meganom and Sudak Bay Crimea Russia
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Mermaidnheaven said...

I've known that they've been here since 1973 when I was with my friend in my car driving through a huge open area in San Jose CA when suddenly my car just died, radio off, and an xray of blue filtering light came in down through the roof of my car and illuminated from the inside of the car to the outside of the car into a big steady circle all around us. It was absolutely dead silent. Then it was gone as if someone just turned off a switch except it left from the inside of the car in an upward motion. In emotionaless shock we just looked at each other in frozen terror and then with every ounce of effort my friend said ,"What the "F" just happen to us? Then without a word we just both got out of the car and there was nothing in the sky or anything around us for miles. Much later neither one of us could remember how we had gotten to our final destination. The next thing I remember is my friend who was so full of life and commanded every room with her vibrant personality was now just sitting on a couch like a lifeless Zombie at the party we had been headed for. I was just standing across the room in a kitchen doorway looking at her as if I had just waken up from my last memory of walking outside of the car. I had no memory of where I'd been from outside of the car and no memory of her either in that split moment of wake. She refused to talk about it in any way as the days went by. I always wanted to bring this up with her because I was desperate for any memory or answers that she might help me with. But she began to avoid me entirely. I heard later on that she had actually changed her name and moved without notice to anyone of us? The occurances that took place in my life for the next several years with a Blue Ball of light soaked with energy was frightening. I even had 2 very prominent male friends who both worked at IBM, one of them being a Senior VP, witness my Blue Light while we dined at my home. They were in shock and ran all around my house upstairs and down trying to figure out what it was. I was too scared at the time to tell either one of them that this small ball of Blue light has been following me ever since my initial encounter in 1973. All that I can say is that there had been many sightings around Santa Clara County in those years including many documetned claims by the flight tower at the San Jose Airport..there was never a doubt in my mind what we had encountered.

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