Thursday, September 30, 2010

Robert Hastings talks about the ET Ufo connection with nuclear bases

A follow up interview after the recent press conference on nuclear weapons and Ufo activity. Researcher Robert Hastings talks claims that extra terrestrial beings have visited nuclear weapons:
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Anonymous said...

Ok, this is just getting more and more stupid, as time goes. This will be my final message on this matter. First of all, these aliens as you so call them, are beings just like us, Only with better technological advances than us, Thats it, They created us and everything on this planet, Which, Now we are even capable of doing this only other planets that can inhabit life. this is what we are suppose to be doing with technology. So that we can expand further into the galaxy as they have done. They have done this to 2 other planet's as well. Only thing is they are progressing better than here. By turning to peace, and removing all there weapons. Common military people, take a clue, would you. This is getting tiring. We have a lot of wise people on this planet, and it is time we all step forward to force the military to disarm them selves. They will destroy us if they have too, Like they have done before, because we can not learn to live in peace. The only difference now is they we have made it easier for them to destroy us, Because now they can use our weapons onto us, and don't have to send there's. I think it's time we all start growing up, And learn to except each others differences, before it is too late. And the time is getting closer and closer. So the time is to change now. If you think this is a threat, then so be it. But do remember they have warned us through people on this planet. We just have not taken these warnings seriously. You are all seeing the evidence before you, that they are here watching over us, Because they really want us to change, So that they can hand over there technology, so then we can expand into the universe like they have done. Now I will ask nicely again, Please start trying to change yourself people, to except our creators as or parents or guardians, Because this is what they are. I am sure most of you would not treat your own mother or father like the military have behaved towards them. Fight these people that are trying to destroy the human race, And they are the military that are right under us. This can not be done with one person, But the world people can change it drastically. Take care all of you, and I really hope you can find love and peace in your hearts again. If not, then thanks a lot for destroying us all. It's on all of our heads now. What are you going to do about it???

Anonymous said...

Sorry but there was a bit of misinformation above. I have been directed to say, That they will no longer attempt to destroy us, As we will certainly do this our selves. Only If we do not change our selves. By what I have been told, There has been enough wise people on the world today to make a difference, It is only up to all military personals, To learn and grow into a better future for peace on earth by removing all weapons from society. Sorry again for the misinformation, And hope this has cleared up a little for most of you. Take Good care of each other, And love, peace and infinity to you all.

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