Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Impressive Triangular Ufo over Rotherham UK October 2010

RealUfos is looking to hear further from the folks in Rotherham in the UK where a large triangle Ufo was apparently seen during day light this month. The sighting is being compared to the likes of the 1990 Belgium sighting because of the similarity of the triangle craft.  If you have further photos or know more about this sighting please response to this post asap, we would like to know more.
Below is a cropped and zoomed in enlargment from the original photo, you can see a bright triangle outline.
 Image Source - the Sun

A UFO hovers over rooftops - leaving locals believing aliens travelled across the universe to check out their lives in Rotherham.

Baffled residents helplessly SHOUTED at the triangular craft as it crept above the South Yorkshire town.

Eerily it looks just like an object spotted over Belgium in 1990 - which so spooked authorities that F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept it.

Continue reading full article at the Sun here

The Famous Belgium 1990 Ufo sighting:
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Anonymous said...

where's the picture?

Anonymous said...

where's the UFO? Please don't tell me its disguised as a cloud.

Anonymous said...

Damn those invisible UFO's... so hard to identify.

Anonymous said...

Do a search before posting fake ones

Anonymous said...

back your facts up before crying fake

Matt said...

The Belgium 1990 siting is real. One of these flew over my house in Virginia when I was 16, it was directly over the tree line around 8 or 9pm, everyone was awake and I was outside practicing martial arts with my staff. I could hear what sounded like a loud helicopter but it was too deep and then this thing flew over my house slowly. It didn't have a center light like most images show. It had 3 lights on each corner like magma, unless I just don't recall the center light. It was really like lava and they were bright but the triangle was dark. It was also huge. I couldn't decide whether to run inside and grab a camera or stay and watch in awe. I didn't want to miss it so I stayed and watched.

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