Friday, October 29, 2010

Ufos in Ohio again OCTOBER 22 2010

A new sighting this time over Ohio the other day on October 22nd. If you also saw this and live in Ohio please let us know more by responding to this post with your description.
Big thank-you for this submission to the person to sent it in, your submissions keep RealUfos updated with the latest Ufo videos!

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St George Bryan said...

My dad, Friendly Fire author CDB Bryan , was so intrigued by this subject he wrote a book about UFOS and Alien Abduction called Close Encounters of a Fourth Kind. I wrote about the book and shares some photos in my blod entry

bram Balvers said...

don't mind what the dude is doing, it was carnaval in holland. (maastricht)

But the shape is very interesting cause it is the same as the ones this October.

Sound off is a very good option cause the man is very drunk.

Anonymous said...

Skydivers before the UC/USF football game. Had to be given the location of where the video was taken in relation to Nipper stadium. Plus, the skydivers had rather bright lights around their legs/ankles. Sorry, no UFO's here.

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