Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Object filmed from the plane in Peru 22n October 2010

Supposedly taken from a passenger jetliner en route from Lima Peru to Cusco Peru. If you keep watching you can see some weird bright shiny triangular object towards the end of the videp off into the distance.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you all but this whole video is fake. The "wing" is a computer animation. The background is also a poor animation. Not even well done too.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like computer animation to me?

Anonymous said...

Well! thats the trouble with Computer Generated Images: [CGI]...
or Computer animation, if you like.
Its to hard to tell the difference
sometimes, between the genuine photo or Video, or a very well done CGI. But some CGIs, stand out like a sore thumb.Its all over the net!...I like to stay with a good compelling story: Radar reports, Pilots, Police; of the like; thats were the truth comes from...CGIs!? POISON!!..........

Anonymous said...

The wing is an animation masked frame by frame over a real sky scene.
Nice editing though.
Fake i'm afraid.

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