Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Those Ufo lights above Brooklyn 25th October 2010

This just sent into by by a RealUfos reader (thank-you)
If you live in Brooklyn and also saw these puzzling Ufo lights yesterday please let us know what you think it was - did you hear sound, did they look like lanterns - what were they?
Here's 2 parts from the posters video:
Posters comments:
Crazy UFOs above the Queensboro bridge. I live on Flushing and Bushwick, they were there for about two hours total. They were proportionally much bigger than planes; there were some flying by in the area and they were far smaller.

Part 5

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Chris said...

I've been watching these lights every day and night since 13th of October. They are self-propelled, self-luminous objects under intelligent control operating around the horizontal from the perspective of very tall buildings. Just the power requirements for their propulsion and illumination activity alone precludes balloons or lanterns. I have videos taken both day and night for weeks now

Anonymous said...

a video clip more then 5 min' is more reliable

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Um, why aren'te these airplanes landing at JFK?

Anonymous said...

JFK, Newark and other major airports look just like that when planes take off and land in a row.

Its just an airport dude.

Chris said...

air planes can't and don't hover for any length of time, nor do they operate at such low altitude, especially over New York City. Remember that episode where a couple of air planes flew into buildings?

Anonymous said...

Chris, your the only one to get this video every night in the largest city on the planet?. I worked in NYC for years and the lights are not hovering they just look like it because they are either moving away or comming at you. The one light disapears at the bottom because it's a plane landing. They land in a row and take off in a row. This would be big news because of 911 but it is not. Anyone can go there right now and see these light every day. Planes!

Joshua said...

Actually, I agree with chris. If you guys DO in fact, believe in UFOs, please go on my website I have a somewhat similar story about a UFO sighting in Brooklyn, New York... I don't like hoaxes or jokers, this was 100% real... And it was NO plane, nobody can tell me it was a plane... Because I know EXACTLY what I saw and I KNOW planes...

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