Monday, October 18, 2010

Triangle UFO over North London 17/10/10

New triangle Ufo videos in from london today.
Note: If your from london and also witnessed this please let realUfos know more about your sighting and respond to this post:

Posters comments:
About to sleep watching a movie, and a fireball like UFO appears, after literally 30-45sec, I called my flatmates and we saw formation of 3 and another one following in the back, it all took place at exactly 00:32 NW10 London. There must have been a total 15 UFOs always in formation of 2 or 3. Two more videos to follow.
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Anonymous said...

this is the same formation over cramlington northumberland at 20:10 on the 16th Oct. 4 red/amber lights in a vertical diamond shape that travelled from the north east direction for a fe miles then rose vertically and dissappeared then was followed by four or five similar lights for about 5 minutes....strange?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess... skydivers?

Chris said...

Fireball UFO! That's sounds similar to the El Paso sighting

Anonymous said...

More than likely from Mr Wongs back garden.

neila said...

Same formations over Russia, Brazil, El Paso, Malaysia, Mexico, China, NY, Australia, Scotland and more! and all within the last week.

Big Show coming soon me thinks

Those Skydivers are busy boys eh

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the clearest video of...........Chinese lanterns.
Rest easy folks, nothing to be afraid of. When the real UFOs arrive they won't all originate from the same location (someones birthday party celebrations I guess). Keep that camera pointing skywards though - the genuine UFOs will be here soon. G.G.

Anonymous said...

Sleep easy people.
Chinese lanterns NEVER hurt anybody, startled a few head of cattle maybe.
Keep that camera pointed skywards the real UFOs will soon be with us.....

Majestic12 said...

"Let me guess... skydivers?"

Don't you you want to know the TRUTH, would you prefer to believe that EVERY light in the sky was an alien. I think we are indeed being visited but i'm not going to be fooled by lights in the sky that have perfectly mundane explanations.

you are GULLIBLE my friend, and i mean that in the nicest possible way ( :

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