Monday, November 01, 2010

ufo 10.28.2010 louisiana

What could this be? New video submitted by a realUfos reader..
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Randall said...

Hard to say really what it could be. I think from now on all night shots should come with a day shot of the direction and scenery visible for referencing whether or not there are trees edge of houses telephone lines etc. That would make it much easier. Anyway, very mysterious. Personally, with the speed in frequency of sightings around the world, I'm going with extraterrestrial craft. These days it's hard not to believe that extraterrestrials are real. If person put's all the genuine information in front of them (the mj-12 documents, all the sightings, Gary Mckinnon files, Bob Lazar files, Disclosure Project) the only conclusion they come up with is that it's all true.

Anonymous said...

Looks like; high energy Morphing!?
In the process of transforming from
one image to another, or dividing!...This has been seen in Mexico...The Investigator, Jaime Maussan, has had close up video recordings of similar images.
The Video that I saw, that was taken in Mexico, the image looked like bubbling balls of fire in a dark cloud....Jaime didn't think that they were balloons,nothing like he, had seen before. But this
kind of shot, if possible!? needs to be clear & closer,to appreciate
what your looking at, to be what you think it is, or isn't!?...otherwise, its just one big guessing game!.........

Anonymous said...

Yes that's an unusual one.
The one in a hundred shot.

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