Thursday, November 04, 2010

A lot of Ufo activity over Tucson Arizona

Seen ufos and Live in Tucson Arizona? We you are not alone, the volume of emails and links sent to me about Ufos in the area increase every day.
We would like to hear from you a reply to this post about your sightings from Tucson if you are from there and what you think they could be.
Here are 2 new videos from Tucson :

October 17, 2010 Tucson Arizona
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Michael said...

I live In Knoxville TN. I few weeks ago in the midst of all that UFO hysteria around October 13th, me and my younger brother witnessed these same golden orbs hovering in the sky for several minutes at a time, and then appearing to morph from 1 solid golden orange light, to a number of lights that appear to mimick that of a helicopter as they begin to move upward. The problem is A. Helicopters don't normally hover in 1 fixed spot, B. They were completely silent. We witnessed these lights several times within a few days, posted in different locations. Here's the eerie part; one flew directly over our house after hovering in the sky for several minutes, and We managed to get a good look at it through binoculaurs. The only craft I could remotely identify this craft with, was (I know this sounds crazy) was a banshee, from the video game halo. I don't own a camera other than my iPhone 3gs, and the resolution is shit, and won't pick up anything from a distance at night, but man do I wish I did.

Sett said...

I do live in Tucson, and I have previously posted EXACTLY what this event was. Oct 17th was the Mount Lemmon Marathon. The lights were traffic and temp lights set up for the event. Runners started arriving 4am for the 6am start. Route led runners up Catalina Highway to the pleasant village of Summerhaven at the top, 26 miles.

Sheilaaliens denies this road even exists, but just search Youtube for "Catalina Highway Tucson" and look for yourself.

3 pics from the event here show the lights she filmed up close.

Or, search any of the local Tucson media, which covered the event.

Anonymous said...

Please check it out if you are interested.



Anonymous said...

Agree with Sett. Sheilaalien always posts these crummy or deluded videos of car lights or whatever up on the curvy mountain road.

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