Monday, November 15, 2010

Did you see the Ufo near Redding California November 14th ?

I got 2 reports of some strange Ufo moving erratically over Redding California yesterday

Posters comments:
This object was just filmed in Redding, CA 96003. 6pm 14th Nov
My buddy saw this as we were sitting on the porch.
It was coming from the west coast heading east.
It continued until almost overhead and then went south east, passing directly beneath the moon.
Our hearts stopped when it REVERSED and went back!
Watch when it gets near the moon, its unbelievable!
It happens twice, the second time is when the camera is zoomed out as it passes the moon.
This object was about two to three times in size and luminescence as the brightest star

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Michael said...

I've actually seen this thing a few times in my town of Knoxville TN. What's strangest about it is capable of morphing an mimicking planes and helicopters. It will hover in the sky appearing as if it blends in with the stars, and when it moves away it completely changes it's appearance by dimming it's bright light, and trning on red and white strobing lights, and then usually disappears into a ridgeline, where it seems to be able to move through and around trees.

Anonymous said...

Colorful!?..At least they kept their excitement holly!?

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