Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anyone see that Ufo over Furness beach uk?

Like to hear from anyone in the UK in the area of the below sighting if you also wintessed this please  respond to this post:

Pat Barker was strolling along Askam beach with a friend last Wednesday when she spotted a strange-looking object in the sky.

They were both baffled by the yellow-coloured object. Askam resident Ms Barker then got out her mobile phone and took pictures of the UFO, which appeared to be moving along the skyline.

Ms Barker said: “I saw it over Roanhead and couldn’t work out what it was.
“We still don’t know what it was. We showed it to people and they don’t have a clue. I just want to find out and see if anyone knows, if there’s little people inside it or something.”

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Anonymous said...

Not a bad shot for a mobile phone!
"Little people in side!??"
Might be BIG People inside it or something else!.......?

.."Life,not as we know it Jim!?"..

Push Back said...

Suggest you go out side more often , and look up , those are clouds in the sky. There are also birds and bugs and airplanes. Welcome to planet earth

Anonymous said...

Aircraft contrail illuminated by the sun... plus camera shake.

Michael said...

It's funny how many people visit these UFO websites just to discredit everybody who believes in ufos

Push Back said...

I believe in UFO's. What's not funny is the number of lame brain humans that post crap and lies to get a little attention. Go back and look at all the other posts and you will understand how stupid humans really are. Ignorant lame brain ass holes.

Majestic12 said...

@michael - Whats even funnier is the amount of clouds, airplanes, balloons , skydivers and remote controlled aircraft being mistaken for UFO's lately.

I would amount this to a kind of mass hysteria over the internet and unfortunately this site has also become caught up in the ridiculousness.

it seems like quality has been substituted for quantity lately with just about any light in the sky being posted on a lot of UFO sites.

I am a believer because there is plenty of serious evidence out there. unfortunately the field has been taken over by people who blindly believe that anything weird they see in the sky is probably aliens. This makes believers an easy target for unreasonable skeptics and damages the field as a whole.

Matt - would it be so bad to occasionally make a post about how a siting featured on this site had been explained!


Anonymous said...

"Discredit everybody who believes
in ufo"

Well I'm not so sure about that!
But a sense of humor sometimes, to
stop going nuts, over something thats not been proven yet anyway,is good for a smile,when things get a bit dry, if that is all it is!
But have you noticed, we keep coming back for that little
nugget of truth! "What if its true!?"..........TRULY!
We're just at different levels of thought over all this,you know!?

Michael said...

I didn't say that EVERY post was aliens, nor did I say every post was legit. All I'm saying is that under everysingle video posted atleast 1 person says something along the lines of "fake" or "it's just a plane", and then proceeds to call whoever posted it an idiot or a moron. How about a little research or an explanation of why you think it's a plane, or how it was faked. There's obviously a reason they post the video on a UFO site. If they knew what it was they wouldn't post it on a UFO website. Any intelligent human being knows what a plane in the sky looks like, and I watch these videos and see lights hanging silently in the air and 1 person always posts "it's an airplane stupid". That's what I find ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Inconsiderate! with no sense of humor! very typical of someone
who got out of bed the rong side,
on a windy, gust blowing morning &
didn't like what they saw in the
mirror!..for Gods sake SMILE!?

What we would like to know is:
Were you referring to the Video's!?
or the lame brain humans,commenting
on the Video's for which you your self,have been part of..OR..Both!?

Anonymous said...

I made the contrail post above not to 'discredit' anyone, but to offer my opinion on what this image shows. My perspective is that of an experienced science writer and meteorologist who, like everyone else, is trying to make sense of things. I don't disbelieve in ufos: I had a sighting myself in 1994 which left a profound impression on me. I can't explain it to this day.

Dany said...

President, who shot ya....

Talking lots of info yall wanna ETRADe or pass the verb without the fuss.

Anonymous said...

Email me to see whoses who or who is w... [email protected]

Anonymous said...

Wow!..I have read carefully,
everyone's comments,in this Forum,and it is apparent to me that
it is easy SOMETIMES,to be confused, or misunderstood!
***For example!***
Some Readers were replying in defence,when they weren't even,the
target of anothers comments! lol in
my opinion!
I can see that it is SO, important
to word carefully,with intent to our comments, precisely what we mean,so as to avoid any misunderstandings & what have you!?
Otherwise all power to intellect!

Michael said...

I'll give you an example. There's a video of a group of friends at a cabin in the woods, they're filming a bright golden orb moving rapidly, and then 3 black jets fly in directly behind it. 1 of the comments left says "those are clearly F-16s not F-15s and that is nothing more than a satellite". Clearly? To who? Does this guy work for NASA? Is he an expert on aeronautical aviation? I highly doubt it. I see comments posted here all the time like that. All I'm saying is how about people intelligently respond with a researched response because it's not like these videos are of parade floats. We're allhere because we're curious to these phenomenon are and I hate to see comments left on some1s video clearly asking "is this a UFO?" and getting "no, i know exactly what it is, but instead of telling you this is what this is and here's why, I'm just gonna say how could you think that was anything but a blah bla blah? because I can tell exactly what it is" that is all.

Anonymous said...

looks like setting sun reflecting off a cloud

Anonymous said...

Michael!..It's OK!

Tomorrow is a new day for all of us!......?

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