Friday, November 26, 2010

More updates from Linda moulton Howe on Nuclear bases and Ufos

Yet another startling revelation about Ufo activity interference nuclear Minuteman sites in the USA. I wonder why Ufos are so interested in the minuteman bases in particular - is it because these missles are long range?

“My father told me about the alarms they had (at Minuteman sites) because a missile silo had been breached, that the concrete covers that sit on top of the missiles were set off to one side, and the radioactive material in the warhead was dead.”

"He said that the material in the warhead was dead, like it had been drained. 
All the radioactivity was gone."

- Martin Cole, son of Boeing Minuteman engineer Alden Stockwell Cole

Continue reading this reading amazing report at here

Talking about nuclear bases here is an update from the other side of the world in the UK at Rendlesham in  well in case you missed it:
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Anonymous said...

Because of such a long video,I watched this, in two sessions.
The UK. Rendlesham forest story,
I found intriguing,even more so now, that I have heard this video.
This story seems to be bigger than BIG!?!..Time travelers,from our distant future!? us! coming back from the future, to this century to solve problems, and winding up with more!? Will they be back? Will we be better prepared, after the shock and bewilderment the first & second time round!? You know,I'm still coming to grips with ufo.& ETs!..and NOW,
TIME TRAVELER's! I haven't fallen out of my tree yet!but when I do,I hope I land on my feet!.......?

Anonymous said...

Great release w/Linda W.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Linda.

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