Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alternate energy invention secrecy - now a big deal

It totally upsets my that we are still relying on oil when viable alternate methods of power are available. Infact, if things were different a decade ago most of the cars you are driving today would not be running on oil and fossil fuels - so lets stop the corporations from maintaining the status quo, its time to move forward.

Heres an update from the Orion Project, a group that RealUfos supports. If your a wealthy investor and would like to see your grandchildren and future generations live on in an environment that is still viable i suggest you think about supporting the project. We all know the truth that our governments will never be fast enough to solve todays problems, especially with all the multinationals in their ears (and pockets)!.

Steven Aftergood of the The Federation of American Scientists has published an extremely important article titled Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong. It comes from a mainstream organization and corroborates information The Orion Project has presented.

We are constantly asked,"If better energy systems exist, why are they not available for public use?" This article addresses one reason: The systematic suppression of energy inventions by abusing the national security provisions of U.S. law. This means that thousands of inventions have been suppressed- and more than that number through national security orders not issued via the patent process. 

This is why the Orion Project has a specific strategy to develop and bring out to the public such energy inventions: One that stands up to these abuses. With your help we can do it! read more

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Anonymous said...

Here is a link on FREE Energy,this will raze your eyebrows, & give you more confidence in the reality of Free Energy,..its true! and why haven't we got it??......WHY??


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