Monday, November 22, 2010

Roswell UFO Crash Eyewitness Gerald Anderson

This pertains to the second crash site where alien bodies were recovered. Mr. Anderson in 1947 was just a young boy out hiking with family members when they came across the wreckage. The interviewer you hear is none other than Nuclear Phycist and Ufo researcher Stanton Freidman:

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Anonymous said...

When did this interview take place? Like a lot of what passes for journalism on the Internet, this video is undated!

Dates may not be necessary in eternity, but down here they're rather important, don't you think?

Does anyone remember the five "W"s of journalism anymore? Who, What, When, Where and Why!

John said...

This is the most amazing eyewitness account. If there were any lies to be told there would be at least some inkling of dillusions of grandeur or hesitation to the rapid fire questions from the interviewee, yet there is none of that at all and this to me screams out POSITIVE!!!
I just wish I could have seen some of that wreckage before the armed forces got there. The question remains though however, why exactly did that space craft hit the ground??

Anonymous said...

Hi! John!
The General consensus was, that the
Microwave "transmission from Radar"
was the cause of disrupting the
technolagy onboard the ufo. to a lack of control over their craft!
Radar was new in in the 40's......

Anonymous said...

Oh Anon, the date is irrelevant, unless of course Stanton has since come forward to declare it false. Otherwise I'm sure we can all guess from the quality of the film that it's sometime in the 80's or early 90's.

Nemesis said...

Sorry to burst the bubble folks but Gerald Anderson's 'story' has since been proven false by Friedman himself who has taken great pains in time, effort and money, to prove or disprove Anderson's account.

At the time of the 'crash' Anderson would have been five years old. His account of what he 'witnessed' is way too detailed for any five year old to remember.

Anyway you can read Stans dismissal of Anderson's story in the book, Crash at Corona, by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner. If there is one thing that stands out with Stanton Friedman, it is his outstanding investigative integrity.

Anonymous said...

This is belevable, totally belevable. And More Than Uncommon Effort By Very Strange CONTROLL FREAKS That Lord there Button Of Authority When The Crash of this Alien ship On the Plains Of San Augustine Is Talked About at UFO Conferances All Over The States.I More Than Belive It. I Have More Than Faith And Wishfull Thinking That An ET ALIEN Airship AUGERED In. This Subject Seems To Rub People The Wrong Way. People Become Angery Insulting Threatening Fearfull A Combination Of Exspressions. Time And Tide Eventually Eather Heal The Wounds Or Subject Mortal Human Kind To An Eresistable Faithfull Fatel Calling. Out with The Old And In With The New.This Has Always Been The Way! Hasent It? MAN UP GET OVER THIS ET HUMP AND MARCH ON MARCH ON MARCH MARCH MARCH ETC.

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