Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Ufo sighting over sweden 15-17th of november

New Ufo video report from Sweden:

Posters comments:
Rhese are sightings from the 15-17 th of november most of the sightings in this video are from the 16 th November. There where a huge amount of unknown crafts flying around sometimes in formations of 4-5 but i did not manage to film that since my camera is old and has a really bad zoom and they where moving fast.. But regardless i managed to film som pretty neat stuff. I call this an invasion considering the number of sightings all at once and the large numbers of ufos seen both by me and my partner.

They where over 20 crafts or more alltogether i actaully counted them appear one by one sometimes following each others sometimes crossing paths and there where lots of them hovering next to the towers in the forests.

There are lots of fake airplane ufos in the video also notice how the sounds does not match the craft nor the distance since there is nothing visible that looks like a helicopter anywhere in the footage..

I had to mute some parts because of the camera sounding way to much also there was to much talking in some parts of the video.
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Anonymous said...

fucking planes

Anonymous said...

What a pity. This site becomes less and less credible!

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