Friday, November 05, 2010

The Phoenix Lights return ? November 3, 2010

Phoenix November 3, 2010 we have been inundated with emails about this week new ufo sighting over Phoenix. If you also witnessed these lights please respond to this post.

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Anonymous said...

Mufon Tennessee just reported a Category 3 event with Star Team activation on the Mufon 20. From 2 days ago. Any idea what it is?

Long Description of Sighting Report
Full details are still being collected.
This case is already on-going and now a Cat 3 with Star Team Activation
Case Is being submitted for the witness by Chase Kloetzke, Deputy Director of Investigations/Star Team Manager.

Sett said...

Nice capture of the incoming air traffic to Sky Harbor. This can be seen like every single night there. We call them "planes". They carry these entities we call "passengers".


chris said...

I was watching the webcams at the same day and also saw the same thing. i saved all the pictures and found it odd that if they were planes, they were so close together. i also believe if you combine the photos i saved you can see one object moving toward the camera then in the next photo the object makes a very peculiar right angle turn. dont know what it was but it was interesting.

Anonymous said...

air traffic

She knows this and is deleting local peoples comments from her page who say so.

She is another attention seeker not a truth seeker.

Anonymous said...

these videos are coming from "sheliaaliens" and is now getting paid to promote her videos. mmmm pay me to video airplanes too.

VirtuallyLucid said...

Thank, you, Sett.

I've seen so many of these videos. It is incredibly frustrating to have normal landing patterns of incoming air traffic being placed up as UFOs. It really gives the community a bad name.

Glad to see someone else with some sense posting.

Majestic12 said...

Sett, please bear in mind that planes, skydivers, radio controlled aircraft and ballons are now officially classified as Aliens on this site until conclusively proven otherwise.

next time post PROOF before speculating about these things you call "planes" with "passengers".


Anonymous said...

I also saw these lights on November 3, 2010. I was on the colorado river about 25 miles south of Parker. These lights were between 8-9 p.m. They were not planes going into the Phoenix airport. They moved too fast for an airplane and didn't make any sounds. We also observed these lights the next night on November 4, 2010.

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