Monday, November 29, 2010

UFO Lights over Cincinnati, Ohio, November 22nd, 2010

Just what is going on over Ohio recently people?. RealUfos has received numerous Ufo reports from Ohio this week and now in nearby Cincinnati this surprising Ufo video footage has just come in:
Your comments and thoughts on this impressive new video appreciated - especially if you actually saw this first hand or witnessed Ufos in Ohio recently.
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Anonymous said...

Yes, I was driving on state route 42 a 1/2 mile north of 275 in Cincinnati and on November 27th around 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. and the low flying lantern lights were seen "floating" across the sky. Actually, 5 other cars pulled off the road to observe at a Speedway gas station. This lasted about 2 or 3 minutes. We all looked at each other and said we just saw something pretty unusual.

Anonymous said...

i saw that exact same thing it was on a different date tho i was headed west on 675 near the 75 interchange and i saw a single light almost like a meteor then it burst into 4 then they started to hover they were there for a good 20 minutes then i had to get to work didn't see where they went

Anonymous said...

Just saw three of them tonight!! Couldn't believe our eyesss 12/30/11 close to Loveland Ohio

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