Sunday, November 28, 2010

UFO sightings in Stigler in Haskell County Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a hotbed of UFO Activity. Several residents in Stigler, Oklahoma have reported the latest UFO sightings of triangle shaped UFOs over the past few months. MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, has investigated these latest UFO sightings and have confirmed that two of the UFOs are credible.
If your live in the area please respond to this post.
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george said...

My roomate and I saw a saucer like object with this lens in the middle that was spinning and it morphed into 2 identical cigar like objects and then slowly went behind this tiny cloud and never saw anything after that, we pulled the binoculars and even off the side of the highway. From this day on, we still have no idea what we saw, but it was something out of this world. This happend on the interstate in oklahoma about an hour before hitting texas. Id like to make a note that I saw alot of trails and their werent any planes in sight. -George

Anonymous said...

My buddy and I saw the triangle East of Red Oak, OK on the evening of Thursday April 7th 2011 around 9:00pm. This is just S/W of Stigler, across a small mountain range. It was right after the sun went down and was low on the horizon. It disappeared for a few minutes and then returned. It was huge. The angle we saw it at was difficult to tell it was a triangle because it was so low that 2 of the lights appeared very close together. After viewing the videos on this type of craft at different angles it was obvious. I tried to explain it away as military flares even though there was nothing military anywhere in the area or something like that until it disappeared and then returned a few minutes later. He saw four lights at first but when he told me to look, the fourth light was gone. He said the other light was to the North of the triangle. What was weird, was that there were no aircraft anywhere in the area during or immediately after the sightings. We can't really say what was there before because we weren't paying any attention. About 15-20 minutes later the sky was full of aircraft in the same area where before there were none. The aircraft lights were tiny in comparison to the red lights on the UFO. I'm reluctant to tell very many people because I don't want anyone to think I'm crazy or trying to get attention. I do believe this is something military but who knows for sure. I watch a lot of Discovery, History Channels etc. and other stuff about UFO's just out of curiosity to see what people think they are seeing and to hear the explanations from the pros on both sides. There was no sound but we can't say how far away it actually was.

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