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Ufo footage from SBS special My Mum Talks to Aliens from last night

This is my review of that Australian ET documentary which aired on SBS ( click here for the documentary):
I watched this show last night and i must say I cringed at times because although Mary knows much from people who have had first hand experiences with Ets and Ufos, she lacked the fundamental arguments to refute her sceptics.
In an age where "Seeing is believing", third person testimony simply is not good enough for most people. At times she is exactly how the media who Ufo investigators to be portrayed - as a crackpot with no evidence to backup here extra-ordinary claims.
If i was at that panel at the university with Mary where she spoke I would have totally nailed that professor who unnecessarily tore Mary's argument to pieces - talk about defending his ego!, that poor lady had nothing to came back to him, yet he kept putting her down - this is not a uncommon response however as  the majority of scientists fear accepting the Ufo topic cause it would involve re-writing everythign we know about physics and interstellar travel .
If Mary had done her research (or read this blog) she could have brought up some topics like how numerous generals and former US Air force officers recently came forward to give testimony about their Ufo sightings over naval and nuclear installations - you can't dispute evidence from credible witnesses with sworn affidavits, and how leading scientists and even people like Steven Hawking have come forward recently saying that the probability of intelligent life out in the universe is so high now, its a likely fact.
They did discuss that Indian scientist  Ragbir Bhathal  from Australia who found that laser signal but they failed to discuss the most important fact that 2 months ago NASA found the first earth like habitable planet outside our solar system extremely close to where this signal was detected!
However there are points about Mary and some of the people she came across that are great and her dedication to the Ufo topic is quite obvious and should be applauded.
In particular i was interested the parts where Mary talked to the second man who passed the lie detector test with his close encounter with a  "tall blond ET being" and kept a hair of this being that was later scientifically confirmed via DNA testing as rare human/hybrid type DNA .

Click here to watch the full documentary

Here's a piece of interesting footage taken from the documentary over crop circle in Glastonbury U.K which  shows orbs over a crop circle:

Mary Rodwell is Australia’s leading authority on extraterrestrial phenomena, her son Chris Rodwell is a vet, a man of science and self-confessed alien skeptic – their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give.
Mary’s beliefs led to the breakdown of her marriage and left a teenage Chris with some emotional scars, so the topic comes with baggage. Packing nothing but an open mind, Chris has agreed to enter Mary’s world via a road trip traversing Australia in order for her to attempt to convince him that the truth really is "out there" and that aliens exist, or she must never discuss the subject with him again.

Mary plans to leave no stone unturned in her efforts to convince Chris. They will meet a host of colorful characters from alien contactees to skeptical scientists. They will take part in a heated debate with university professors, put key witnesses under pressure with polygraph tests and scour the country for concrete evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Along the way they will argue until they are blue in the face about who is right, and for Mary, this really is her last chance to prove to Chris that she hasn’t gone loopy and that there really are other beings in the sky above. This is the search for the truth to save a relationship.

The full documentary Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Mum might talk to the Aliens, but do they talk to her...?
Thats were it might get a bit tricky, with some skeptics!

Chris said...

That would have been interesting to see, unfortunately when I clicked the link it said "This video is no longer available" Many thanks for the review though.

Ben said...

This guy she has a debate with is a total knob. She needs someone to help her bring up the MULTIPLE DOCUMENTED CASES/DOCUMENTS/CREDIBLE WITNESSES.......seriously, everyone in that room IMO is seriously deluded and narrow minded. Disappointing she is treated that way. Maybe she should have a debate on HER turf with some people that really know there stuff............EG, whoever runs this website!

make it a sequel.

Anonymous said...

Michael said...

Being some1 who had a UFO experience which altered my perception of life as well as changed my whole view of religion when I witnessed 6 red lights in delta formation stretched for what could have been miles or football fields (plural) move across the sky making no sound except for cutting through the wind, stop in place, and then shoot off in multiple directions so fast they left trails of light behind them, but didn't make any explosive sounds as something moving that fast would by breaking the sound barrier only to dissapear as if it was never there at all, with my own two eyes, I know all about trying to tell the story of my own personal extraordinary experience and being looked at like I'm a loon, and having my story shot down as if I dreamed it or it never happened. Luckily I woke my mother up (who Is about as big a diegard skeptic as a person can be) and she witnessed it as well, so I know it wasn't a hallucination, or my imagination (not that I ever for a second thought it was). But it's hard having witnessed something like this and knowing that there Is something out there capable of this paranormal feat but not being able to prove it.

... said...

Its weird this documentary has come up, was recently looking back into the alien abduction stuff and I notice that one of the cases is featured here. The Peter Khoury aliens...I had a scout around and found all sorts of video clips and articles about his case which proved (to me) my suspicions that the head injury he suffered was the route cause of his sleep-paralysis and 'hallucinations'...even the so-called Alien hair is not actually alien...Its stories like these that ridicule the subject, making real discloure impossible. When someone has a genuine piece of film or a photo they are still ridiculed because of stories like the ones shown in this documentary. I don't blame that guy Chris for not believing his mother...when she believes so many obivous charlatans!

jan walter said...

try this link instead

Anonymous said...

Right-click to open comments gone again? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Marty, curious to know where you found the evidence indicating Peter Khoury's hair samples are not alien. Can you point us to any links, books, etc? Do you simply mean that all the DNA is traceable to human lineages? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

NASA hasn't found any "Earth-like, habitable planets". It would be impossible to tell if a planet were habitable from this far away, since we're only able to determine a planet's mass and distance from its primary. This is determined by detecting the gravitational effect (wobble) it has on its primary and the tiny decrease in luminosity it creates as it passes between our telescopes and its primary. Our telescopes are unable to provide magnification sufficient to perform any type of spectrography from such distance which would be necessary to determine not only the composition of a planet's atmosphere, but if it had an atmosphere at all. What NASA did find was a planet within its primary's "goldilocks zone" which would allow for the existence of liquid water.

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