Monday, December 20, 2010

Ft Lauderdale Ufos - anyone see them ?

I've received 2 emails from people who spotted numerous objects above Ft Lauderdale over the last few days.

If anyone has further information or video please reply to this post.

Last night i saw a mass of lights in the skype above Ft Lauderdale, has anyone else seem them? 

The same lights that were seen over Naples Florida were seen over Ft Lauderdale around 10PM near Federal Highway. We counted 37 objects all in a line from West to East. Rate this posting:

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black box journal said...
This is a link to a ufo sighting I had at the same time and date, it was actually 945 not 915 on december 18th, I saw 10 to 12 glowing fireballs or orbs, it sounds exactly the same as what you saw

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