Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Zealand releasing its Ufo Files

Some big news here The Ministry of Defence of New Zealand is set to release its Ufo files!.
There are more than 2000 pages of material which date back to the 1950s.They have been held by Archives New Zealand, who will make them available in February this coming year.

Thousands of secret files on New Zealand's UFO reports are set to be made public, nearly 32 years to the day after our most famous sighting.

The files include every witness account of unidentified flying objects reported to authorities since the early 1950s, including the 1978 Kaikoura mystery.

They had been held by Archives New Zealand, which was to make them available in February after requests from the public, but the Defence Force stepped in, saying it needed to remove personal identification to comply with the Privacy Act.

The Defence Force promised to release the files by the end of this year and is due to make them public this week.

More than 2000 pages of files will be issued in 12 volumes. Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki said the Defence Force would not comment on the files' content.

"We've just been a collection point for the information. We don't investigate or make reports, we haven't substantiated anything in them."

The Defence Force did not have the resources to investigate UFO sightings, Squadron Leader Tamariki said.

The director of research group UFOCUS NZ, Suzanne Hansen, said she had been trying to get hold of the Defence Force files for nearly two years.

"I started lobbying, and at first they said there was no way in the foreseeable future they'd be released. It's been a long time coming."

In August last year The Press sought access to the files under the Official Information Act, and was told by the Defence Force the request "would require a substantial amount of collation, research and consultation to identify whether any of that information could be released", and it was "not in a position to deploy staff to undertake that task".

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Anonymous said...

Good. Simple as that. So that's just about everyone except the USA. Typical. The country devoted to world peace or so they say, still can't come clean about UFO's.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, New Zealand!
You can be proud,this is one small
step for NZ. but one GIANT leap for
mankind!?...One step forward,is one
step closer!......Merry Christmas every one!

The Jeffrey said...

Yes, but the defence forces worldwide dont release the real "meat and potatoes" of what they have and they refuse to comment on the limited stuff they do release!

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