Wednesday, February 09, 2011

30th January 2011 New York City UFO

: I shot these photographs from the roof looking south towards downtown Manhattan. The sightings started around 3pm and lasted well into the evening.
The object morphed it seemed into many different shapes and even at times became somewhat translucent and as all of this is happening there are airplanes and birds moving in and out of frame. Later in this video two different types of UFOs can be seen at the same time.
Also earlier in the day we were able to het photos of what appeared to be large UFOs near the Sun. We have had multiple sightings since late summer. I ask others to star looking in that area of the sky where the Sun is, of course with care protect eyes and never look directly in the Sun. It would seem to be a great area for UFOs to hide and not be detected.
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Anonymous said...

looks like a sun dog.

Anonymous said...

Thank`you finally for a UFO video without the shakes and with great soundtracks. j

Anonymous said...

(Soundtracks? Really? Is THAT what we are here for???)

It would be interesting to know exactly what equipment was used to capture these images. The camera (image sensor type) and the lens. If the originator of the photos is reading this, and you happen to know the program settings on the camera, that information would be useful as well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

like a sun? ur kidding right? the su wouldnt even look that small if u were on mars

Anonymous said...

Poster above me, did you even read the whole comment? They said it looks like a sun DOG. Nobody thinks that the little speck of light is an actual sun.

Before you say something derisive about the term sun dog, do some research and save yourself some face ;)

Interesting video though, although I'm inclined to also say that this is an atmospheric phenomenon of some sort. All of the conditions would be right, including the weather (I believe). Also, if the video was facing south in Manhattan, then the UFO should have been visible from the Twin Towers' former location; hardly a place where an unusual light in the sky that hangs around for hours is not going to be noticed. I grew up on Long Island - let's not forget that this is the city who had a mild panic over a bunch of balloons recently. They have reason to be wary of crap coming from the sky.

However, whether or not it's a UFO or a sun dog, they are fascinating images. My suggestion would be to first take them to an expert in atmospheric phenomenon to see if they could confirm what the images are. You could try a local college perhaps.

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