Sunday, February 06, 2011

Further footage of UFOs over American Fork Utah, 1-26-11

Further footage of that craft spotted over Utah on the 26th:
If you also spotted weird lights int he area please let us know as a reply to this post.

Posters comments:
Pulling into my driveway the night of the 26th, my 10 year old says "Dad, what are those?" I had a flipcam in the seat next to me so I started filming. 6 minutes later, they drifted out of view. They were hovering in perfect formation and once in a while dropped sparkler-type things. I figured the news would explain it later that night, but they didn't. ABC4 was the only newscast to carry the story. Lots of witnesses, this is the best vid of the lights that I've seen posted. Who knows??
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Anonymous said...

Georges St-Pierre riding in a Lamborghini + UFO in background

Tony Hunter said...

This is a very compelling video!

KrisLovesAnime100 said...

You don't pronounce Ufo "Uh foe". It's pronounce it by saying the three letters U, f, o. Thats it ok?!

VirtuallyLucid said...

Kris, I think the guy says "It's a F.O." to identify it as a flying object. He clearly states several times that he believes he is witnessing terrestrial craft of some kind dropping flares of some kind, but he just doesn't know the specifics. So, it sounded to me like he was just making a joke and sort of skirting the saucer-type associations that "U.F.O's" has.

And yes, I know that a U.F.O. is technically not alien...simply something that isn't identified. However, the term has come to be culturally synonymous with spacecraft.

Alex Combs said...

This is absolutely amazing.
I saw the same exact lights down to the finest details, last summer.
I live in Middletown, Ohio. I watched them for atleast 10 minutes as they dropped the white, flare-like objects. They eventually all disapeared in an almost, "burning out" fashion.

I wish so much to have had my camera on me that day because you'd see that the same thing that happened in this video, also happened across the whole country.

I think many things are at work here. And these next two years will be the years aliens will show themselves to us.

Gary said...

Maybe this is a alien bombing practice run, a preude to a actual " invasion". :(

foxy said...

now that ive seen this and the temple mount vids...... those red light look exactly the same!!!, and both dropped white orb type jobs!!. they do not show up to well in the TM vid but once you see them it made me think of this vid but they are doing some kind of moves in the TM vid almost looks like they are chasing each other

Anonymous said...

Six friends and I witnessed this same phenomenon this morning; early Wednesday Jan. 1, 2014 approx. 12:30-12:45AM over American Fork seen from Lehi. Facing East, a single, steady(non-strobing), reddish light dropped numerous(40-50) flare type lights varying in brightness. Some of the lights steadily dropped down, some seemed to hover in place. The pace at which the lights came off seemed random; sometimes a couple in quick succession, sometimes 30 seconds without any. It was difficult to tell just how close they made it to the ground. The reddish light appeared to remain at the same altitude, slowly headed south, throughout the 10-15 minutes we watched it before disappearing behind a cloud. No discernible noises emanated our direction.

I remembered seeing the ABC4 broadcast about this happening in 2011, I stumbled on this page showing my friends that video. I thought it to be coincidental the time of year each event took place. Jan. 26, 2011 and Jan. 1, 2014. Did anyone else witness this mornings event?

I can't say I'm convinced what I saw to be extraterrestrial, but I have no solid explanation for what I did see.

...maybe some fancy Chinese lantern type rig someone in AF came up with to screw with people/ring in the new year? Those things can get high enough to disappear behind clouds, right?

I'm pretty happy I got to witness this!!


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