Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Varginha Ufo incident - Brazil 1996

An Interesting one here from the Ufo Fact Files. I was actually in this area of Brazil last year, there have been many strange ufo reports from this region, some think they come to the area as it is a vortex and the mountains are dense in quartz crystal.

aliens in varginha brazil red eye devil aliens

Another video from the area

If you speak portugese listen tot he whole documentary on the incident here
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Anonymous said...

The oficial investigation report was published by a brazilian magazine, and reveals that the ET "never exists". The so called "creature" seen by the girls was, in fact, a Varginha citizen with mental disorder that lives in front of the local.

The article (in portuguese) is available here:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1
It's BS like this that drives people away from this site.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brazil and I can guarantee that these girls actually saw something unusual in the area!
The Mainstream Media here distorted all the story. I don't know why but they presented several theories including this one of the Isane Citizen and NONE of these Theories could be proven.

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