Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night scope shots of UFO activity

An astronomer captures Ufos on night scope, quite interesting:
You can see the little object moving very fast and its likely not a satellite as self propulsion is evident:
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Hieronymus Braintree said...

I don't want to be a wet blanket, but this could easily have been faked. Too bad, because, if real, the movement would be remarkable.

Michael said...

Here's 1 for that rare 5% stack

Anonymous said...

Nice.... :)

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

Look, The truth's any video can be hoaxed nowadays. We have the capability w/graphic art, video editing, & 3d modeling/animation to where any1 w/a bachelors in visual communication, video game design, or graphic design could probably cook up a pretty convincing UFO hoax w/a little time & effort. I mean look at the Jerusalem UFO video, & the controversy it generated. That video can literally be matched exactly in about 10 minutes by some1 with an advanced knowledge of AdobeAfterEffects. I agree that if some1 wanted to they could recreate this, however, judging by the excitement & the genuine awe expressed by the audience, I really don't think this's a hoax in any way shape or form. Everything about this seems very sincere & if the ACTUAL video ever surfaces, i'm willing to gamble that the experts would agree w/me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Right!.....

VirtuallyLucid said...

I, for one, do not believe it is faked. I think it is a legitimate video and that the people who both made it and watched it were responding sincerely. I just think they were mistaken.

The problem with single source shots such as this (something from only one location) is that you have no way to gauge depth and therefore cannot accurately determine distance.

What this looks like to me is a nocturnal flying animal (a bird or a bat) that is MUCH closer to the observer than presumed. The reason it seems to be glowing isn't because it is a light source, but rather because it is reflective in the UV or IR range (the normally invisible ends of the spectrum that night shot cameras use) and so "lights up" under the nightshot.

The patterns and behaviors of this object are entirely in keeping with a hunting predator, either a raptor (owl, etc.) or a bat. The quick moves are normal when it has found smaller prey and maneuvers to attempt a catch.

I'm not saying I know that it is this, but only that it is a hypothesis that fits the behavior, and is much simpler and less mysterious.

Compare this to a couple of Ed Grimsley videos where objects with specific, highly compacted, triangular formations fly in straight lines like a craft. The flight patterns here are more organic rather than mechanical.

My vote is for a flying animal, not a ship.

Anonymous said...

Many people will say that these night vision videos are garbage, just a hoax. Well let them say that. Truth is, NV is one of the best ways to view these objects, and I highly doubt that this was a hoax. These things exist up there-- I see them relatively often w/ my nightvision, too. And I see other things that aren't ufos, like bugs, birds, planes-- but they don't discredit the real sightings.

People say give me better evidence, and then say it's "too good" once they have it. There is no happy medium to all of this, and conveniently we've all gotten sidetracked by the details of the subject instead of focusing on the subject itself. This is understandable, and in reality what the government and other large groups in charge of suppressing this information want.

I encourage everyone to find someone, or someplace, that has Gen 3 night vision, and pass a night or two watching the skies with it. Sure, you'll see satellites, birds and bugs-- but you also stand the chance of seeing some other pretty amazing stuff, too. Clusters of lights that travel high and fast in formation with no noise-- and no, I'm not talking about Mute Swans, which can fly up to 20,000 ft in altitude. I'm talking about craft in our atmosphere. They exist. I'm not sure if they ours or theirs, but they are here, and that's no hoax.

Peace to all.


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