Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ufos over LONG BEACH California ? 15th May 2011

Did anyone else see the lights over LONG BEACH California on the 15th May 2011?
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Randall said...

Long Beach, CA. is surrounded by 3 major airports
1. Long Beach Airport
2. Los Angles International
3. John Wayne

and 1 municipal
1. Fullerton Airport.

All within a 20 mile radius. The skies in and around Long Beach are constantly crawling with air traffic. So much that I'm surprised I never saw a mid air collision in my 42 years of living in that area.

I should also add the fact that every city from long beach to Orange County has police helicopters and are also constantly flying around. And one more thing, Los Alamitos AFB which is also within a 10 mile radius. That place is also very active.

My guess - most likely either planes or helicopters.

sugarstore69 said...

I am from Long Beach. I know the exact spot that this person was filming from, and the airport traffic would be coming in from behind him. You may see one flight from that direction but they taxi over the eastern part of the city. He was on the top of Signal Hill, the highest vantage point in our city which is below sea level, and he was facing the ocean. So NOT AT ALL likely to be planes or helicopters. When they fly to Los Alamitos AFB from our airport, they come northwest to southeast, and you can hear them, they are LOUD. So I am inclined to disagree with your take on this. I just wish I had been up there that night to see them too.

sugarstore69 said...

To the original poster: what time was this at? I was most likely asleep, I work at a hospital and have to get up early. But we have had activity before, especially in that direction over Catalina island.

Anonymous said...

I live in Long Beach. I have seen these same things at different locations on three separate occasions in the last few months. They are not helicopters or planes. I know because I see helicopters and planes all of the time here. These things are round, don't move, and have a light and color combination that is different from planes and helicopters. I really wish I knew what they are!

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