Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ufo fly bys the moon ? May 17, 2011

Please note that this is time delayed footage so this ufo hoovered for some time.
Any ideas what it could be people?
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Anonymous said...

BATT!!..or moonstruck:)(

Anonymous said...

No idea what it could be, although I have a few thoughts about you actually posting this as a "real UFO" case? I would rather see yesterday's news than to see such drivel as this. It makes a mockery of the plausible UFO events. This is not a humorous subject to be made light of. Our future is at stake, our very existence and this is all you can post substantiate your (our) case? I guess you’re no better than the establishments trying to keep extraterrestrials a secret. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree with most of what the
"second Anonymous" has said.
It is a serious and very interesting topic, but look! we mustn't lose our sense of humour or it could drive ya batty!

I'm very serious about the ufo. & ET. topic, and I enjoy a sense of humour from time to time.

Its a BATT,MATT!!:)

Michael said...

What are y'all bitching about now? That the poster put up a video of an unidentified flying object? Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the name of this site RealUFOs? I see you both have agreed that this's a bat, but i think you're both failing to recognize that this's time lapsed footage, & in said footage the moon changes position dramatically... this (as well as description of the video) would indicate that this object moved EXTREMELY slowly. Physics (as well as simple logic) would dismisses the possibility this's bat, insect, bird, etc. Nor is it a plane, helicopter, or jet (for that same reason) as well as the lack of any apparent FAA regulation strobing lights. If people would learn to use logic before they typed, i think we'd (the skeptics & the believers) all get along much better around here.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Marty McFly with his Delorean :)

Anonymous said...

No correction needed Michael,your
absolutely correct,but on this video,no one knows what it is,
so humour kicks in, yeah!?:)

Anonymous said...

It's a plane and the footage is time-lapsed. Surprised the anchors were a bit dumbfounded, it's pretty obvious.

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