Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Three UFOs Flying Around ISS - NASA orders 'play back'

18 May 2011 during the Endeavour's arrival at the International Space station three unknown objects appear and Ground Control orders 'Endeavour please pause the playback'.
Its a very unusual call as if the objects were just space junk NASA would have just ignored them but they essentially stoped the live stream while the objects pass the Endeavour's background.
Would like your feedback on this very interesting piece of footage:
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shadi75 said...

It was mentioned here before in one of the videos that nasa has 20 second delays before the live feed is out to the public, so if on of those objects came back and changed direction or something else happened we wouldn't know about because of the delay.

interesting video the object seems to slow down and it looked like it was flashing someone should do a video analysis on it.

Anonymous said...

NASA has the ability to switch the view or inject noise without help from the shuttle. Usually NASA will shift the view back to mission control when there is something they don't want us to see.
Not sure why it wasn't done in this case.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised,whats new??

NASA..never a straight answer!

Just Pause it!

Anonymous said...

Do you just copy these stories from UFO Blogger or are you affiliated with them?

Anonymous said...

ahh, ok, i only see space junk, and theres a LOT of IT in SPACE

M C Walton said...

I'll say it if no one else will. Why are all of the ISS videos of small, blinking things and NEVER a craft of any shape. No saucers, no motherships, just little flashy, blinky things. Could it be because it's just space junk floating around?

M C Walton said...

Why are all the ISS videos of small blinking things and NEVER saucers or mother-ships; just small flashy, blinking things? Could it be because it's just metallic space junk floating around?

Anonymous said...

"The primary function of the record and playback subsystem is to record unprocessed space shuttle instrumentation data during tests and launch countdowns. These recordings can then be played back for posttest analysis when firing room personnel are troubleshooting space shuttle or LPS problems. The subsystem consists of instrumentation tape recorders, telemetry demultiplexing equipment, direct-write recorders, and computers to provide data-reduction capabilities. The subsystem also provides certain functions in support of the CCMS and CDS portions of the LPS. These include the playback of data from downrange instrumentation tapes sent to KSC for data analysis by systems engineers"

Anonymous said...

Space junk is a big deal out there, bc if it were to hit the ISS for example, it would probably puncture a hole in it.

Not sure what this is either way. NASA is normally pretty full of shit. Wait, wait. Lemme rephrase. NASA is always full of shit.

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